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About Us

The founder of Takumi Holidays, Wyne, has been in the travel industry for more than 20years and has being crafting trips for international travelers to all over Japan.


Over the years, he notices new age travelers are no longer 100% interested in just visiting touristic sights. Some of the best reviews given were whenever there were opportunities to interact with the locals. There is a desire shift from being a tourist to being a traveler. To Wyne, a REAL local experience is not something the locals changing their identifies to entertain travelers, but the travelers changing theirs to walk into the lives of the REAL locals.


Thus the Idea of Takumi is born. “What if we could just connect the locals directly these new age travelers, easily?” It can be as simple as bringing travelers to their favourite local market. This is already special to travelers as it is what the locals do in their daily lives. With the growing emphasis of travel industry in Japan, especially towards Tokyo 2020, the Takumi eco system will benefit both travelers and locals directly. 

Company Profile
Our Philosophy
“ 匠の一期一会 ”
(匠)Takumi is a highest status given to craftsman who excels beyond their area of speciality.
(一期一会)Ichi-go Ichi-e means treasure each meeting as the last.
Every meeting crafted by Takumi Holidays between the Hosts and Travelers should be the most precious experience they will every get in their lifetime. This beautiful relationship sets the foundation of our philosophy.
Our Team
Our Impacts to the local communities
Bringing our Philosophy to action, we want to help connect the locals to the travelers in the easiest way through our Takumi system. We do not just stop with the local individuals. We also want to connect the local businesses and restaurants to the world as well. We want the local communities to benefit directly from the travel industry in many ways.  
Career : Why Join Us?
This is a business from the heart. Join our organisation and be a part of this meaningful business.
You could play a part in promoting the real Japan to the world.