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Tips: You don't have to include everything and make your selling price expensive, but there are some inclusions that will make the "perceived value" alot higher, without increasing your cost.
Tip1: If it is a Food tour, it is always good value to include some food cost.
Tip2: Convinence cost is a very strong inclusion for a high perceived value. example, if you could pre-buy a kabuki tickets or help the guests to rent a fishing rod, or provide your SLR camera during the trip, these are connivence cost that can make your selling price high while keeping your cost low. Higher selling price + low cost = higher profit.
Tip3: Try not to put "my time" or "Guide time" as inclusions, unless you are a skilled craftsmen or teacher of some skills. Else although "my time" is precious to you, but it has a low "perceived value" to increase the selling price. 

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