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Karuizawa, Nagano prefecture

10% off Asanoya Bread Items


How to redeem? 
Present the e mailer received to the cashier before making payment. 


Discount valid till 31 August 2018
One e mailer per payment transaction

Items applicable for discount:

  • All breads (Hard/Loaf/Karuizawa/Sweet/Savoury/ Donuts/Pizzas/Quiches/Tarts/Cubes/Brûlée Croissant) 

  •  Sandwiches 


Items not applicable for discount:

  • Non-bottled Beverages (Coffee/Tea/Latte/ Cappuccino/Americano/Freshly Squeezed Juice/Mocktails/Smoothie)

  • Salads • Gelato and Softserve

  • All bottled drink (Kagome/Oi Ocha/Calpis/Kirin Milk Tea/Asanoya Bottled Water/Perrier/Wine/Beer) 

  • Japanese Groceries

  • Hunter’s Butter Spreads 

  • Breakfast Set (QS) 

  • Lunch Set (QS) 

  • Taru-Taru Fish Set (PG) 

  • Soup Set (QS, PG, BT)



Asanoya Boulangerie @ Queen Street

15 Queen Street,

#01-03, Singapore 188537

Tel: (65) 6703 8703

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun: 8am - 8pm

Asanoya Boulangerie @ Paragon

290 Orchard Rd, Paragon

#B1-K27, Singapore 238859

Tel: (65) 6703 8711

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun: 8.30am - 9.30pm

Asanoya Boulangerie @ Bukit Timah

913 Bukit Timah Road (Next to Tan Chong Motor Bukit Timah)

Singapore 589623

Opening Hours:

9am - 2pm & 3pm - 6pm daily


Queen Street :

Tel: (65) 6703 8703

Paragon :

Tel: (65) 6703 8711

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