Tips for Hosting & Safety


 Hurray! Someone has booked your plan!


We have some tips for you to prepare for your hosting experiences. Kindly take some time to read through.

  • Let's start your experience via chatting.

  • Say Hello to your Guest. It is time to make new friends.

  • Don’t be shy! Please chat with your Guest and treat them like your friends.

  • Your guest may also nervous you, a warm welcome and smiling face can let them feel more.

  • Of course, you may face communication problem with your Guest. Please have more patience while explaining.


A) Use Takumi in-build chat & interact smartly

Always use Takumi’s In-build Chat system to contact your guests before the trip.

E.g. Any item to bring for the experience, weather updates, or meeting place information etc.


B) Use Takumi in-build call when necessary

After booking confirm, the In-Build Call function will unlock. Use Takumi’s In-Build Call system when necessary.

E.g. When Guest does not show up at the meetup time.


C) For your safety

Do: Trust your intuition: If you don’t feel right about a booking, please email us before the trip.

During the trip, if you don’t feel right about your guest, you may also contact us for assistance.

Takumi Japan team, office hour Mon-Fri (10am-7pm): (81) 03-5217-1121


Takumi Singapore team, office hour Mon-Fri (9am-6pm): (65) 6221 9344 

or LINE call for out of office hour. Search ID: TAKUMI TABI


            In an emergency, or if your personal safety is threatened, please contact local police or emergency                       service immediately.

            Japan Police -- 110, Ambulance & Fire -- 119