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Join us

We are always looking for individuals who has a lot of Takumi personality. If you feel excited just by seeing what we are doing, join us and do what we are doing, together!

Available position(s)

1) Freelance translators -

We need human(or non-human) who has 2 or more tongues. The basic languages you should be able to speak and write should be Japanese(must have) , English and Chinese. We do not need experts, but you cannot be still in kindergarten. 

Your main role is to assist us to translate the Japanese host's descriptions into mandarin and/or english. 

Please Click here for the other nitty requirements. 


Closed position(s)

Bookmark us because people come people go, we may open the position again.

Disturb us with your resume if you think you are confident enough. Positions maybe closed but we are open.

(1) CTO 

This is meant for someone who does not sleep and eat. His main passion is to put an idea into codes and hope the codes can turn into reality. We will make that happen for you. We need you to turn our ideas, including yours, into codes and turn that Frankenstein alive. You will build your own yellow minions team to help us with world conquest.

No idea what we are talking about? then this position is not for you.


If you can feel exactly what we are saying, click HERE to talk to us.

*Sorry the position is closed. We have found our Dr Victor.


(2) Chief Data Architect

You like numbers. You see numbers as picture and stories. People call you weird all the time. We call you a number artist. We want weird people like you!

Your main role is to ensure these stories are properly painted out so we understand what they are telling us.

If you want to start painting with us, Click HERE to talk to us.

*Sorry the position is closed. We have found our Dan Brown.


(3) Lead Creative

You can write better than we can do over here. 

Talk to me and take over my position. Click HERE

*Sorry the position is closed. We have found our Shakespeare.


(4) Front end / Back end / full stack Developers 

We need alot of this position. We understand that no one is going to be totally proficient in both front and back end, so we will need a star in either one.

We need someone who can talk to our system, tame it and make it work better for us.  

Click HERE (don't talk to my source code) to talk to us.

*Sorry the positions are closed.


(5) UX/UI designers

You have played at least 1 million(close is good too) APP and webpages. You know what sucks and what sucks-you-in when come to user experience. Plus you have that flair to be able to design and create artworks in split of a second. We want you! 

Click HERE to talk to us.

*Sorry the position is closed. We found a team who have played 2 million(at least they convinced us they did) APP/Webpages.


(6) Online Marketing Specialist

You enjoy buying and selling online. Everything around you are purchased online. You know all the methods these online sellers have deployed but you still fall for it. The only difference about you from the obsessed buy-the-internet cousin is that you also know how to deploy these tactics and the know-how to operate them. We want you.

Your role is simple. We want you to create alot of obsessed buy-the-takumi cousins.

Click Here (Pls don't send link that when we close your page, that i can still see you while i surf for my groceries online) to talk to us.

*Sorry the position is closed. We found our Page and Brin.  


(7) Strategic Partnerships Manager 

You can convince anyone to sponsor your request. I'm not talking about "please dad, i assure you my idea will work, believe me" level. You have the skill of a hostage negotiator to convince anyone, including the hostage-takers and the policemen to become part of your team, willingly. We need you to form our marvel hero team.

Click HERE to talk to us (Pls show us your negotiation skills before we meet)

*Sorry the position is closed. We found found our Colonel Nick Fury.